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unitedstatesofno asked: if I want to get better at drawing, what should I draw a lot of? Also, your book kicks ass


Hello! Thank you! You could draw:

- the things you want to see more of in the world

- the things you like thinking about the most

- whatever you think will make your friends laugh the most

- maybe something you really hate thinking about, but drawing it gets it out of your head

- an idea or memory that you never want to forget

- whatever seems most difficult. It will be frustrating and you might even cry, but the worst that will happen is you’ll f*ck it up horrendously and get a funny/dopey drawing out of it.

<3 your pal Lisa


This piece is called “Predickament”. I made it for the Mr. Show Show on May 17th at Meltdown Comics. It’s 15”x12.5” and made entirely out of cut paper. This picture features young David Cross at a… crossroads… as it were.

Adventure games were obviously heavy on my mind at the time that I came up with this.

If you’re in the area you should come to the show!